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How much do you know about the blow molding machine?

Views:     Published: 2017-11-20 14:16
Bottle blow molding machines have been used in a very wide range of applications. In our daily life, we use a blow molding machine to perform the plastic work of the bottle. Handy for the use of blow molding machine you, on the basic knowledge of blow molding machine also understand the comprehensive? In the text Xiaobian on the bottle blowing machine through an analysis of your literacy on all aspects of the bottle blowing machine, a comprehensive understanding of the basic knowledge of bottle blowing machine: the definition of bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing machine features blowing Machine production process, etc., by reading this article I believe you can create a bottle-blower-like knowledge system.
Bottle blowing machine, as the name implies, is a machine used to blow the bottle. To explain the blow molding machine in plain words, it is capable of softening the liquid or preforming the preform to be processed by a professional technician The process of making the last bottle of blowing machine. I believe you know about the most simple and most popular interpretation of the bottle blowing machine, the basic knowledge of the bottle blowing machine has also been a preliminary establishment, then we can understand the characteristics of the bottle blowing machine, blow molding machine using the clamping Technology is currently the most advanced technology on the market without oil-air cell mold clamping technology that is different from the general clamping technology, he does not require the participation of oil, thus reducing the consumption of oil, reducing the cost of blowing At the same time, the air bag-type mold clamping technology has the advantages of strong sealing, large clamping force, tightness and small resistance during the movement operation. This also makes the blowing machine life longer than the average bottle blower life.
Want to have a full understanding of the basic knowledge of blow molding machine, then on the bottle blowing machine technology is to mention a branch. The earliest blow molding process even dates back to World War II, when people began to produce polyethylene vials with lower densities in that war-torn era, though it now appears that vials were made at a very low cost Simple and rough, do not have a high aesthetic value, but it was at that time, people began to explore the bottle blowing technology. In the late fifties ushered in the bottle blowing technology, the peak of development, which is due to the production of high density polyethylene, which can better blow molding plasticity, in the long-term manufacturing, the blowing process It has also been greatly improved and widely disseminated.
Understand the production process of blow molding machine, you can more fully establish the basic knowledge of blow molding machine system. The production of blow molding machine preheating and blowing molding two processes. Preheating preforms the preform to heat it for better plastic work, but the bottle does not need to be heated. Bottle blowing molding is placed in a professional machine by the line processing, sales market has a semi-automatic blow molding machine and automatic blow molding machine two.