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Domestic blow molding machine market analysis

Views:     Published: 2017-11-21 09:35
With the development of science technology automation industry, the packaging industry which meets the needs of a variety of food and drink packaging has developed a series of packaging shrink packaging machines, such as bagging machine, shrink packaging machine. liquid food packaging liquid food Flexible packaging machines, such as aseptic cold filling machine; grain packaging granule packaging machines, such as filling machines, filling machines, sauce-shaped packaging machine butter packaging machines. packaging drugs, health food blister packaging machine. packaging oil Expanded puffed food and fried potato chips in the vacuum packaging machine and nitrogen filling packaging machines and plastic packaging machines. Food packaging machinery industry formed plenty of complete categories of industry structure. Packaging machinery technology is moving toward mechanical and electrical integration, diversification of mechanical functions, structural design standardization, modular, intelligent control, structural movement and high precision development. Food for the future development of food packaging machinery in our country has provided a vast market space.
In order to study the development strategy of bottle blowing machine in line with national conditions, it is necessary to study the application differences that affect  the number and types of bottle blowing machines, so as to formulate countermeasures. From the demands, beverage production ,packaging companies, edible oil companies, pharmaceutical companies are the large demand of the bottle. The ways to describe the development trend of blow molding machine objectively, estimate the quantity and variety of demand and make the layout of the blow molding machine manufacturers reasonably. All of these should start with the demand. Only by opening the blow molding machine manufacturer ---- bottle manufacturer - - Bottle demand business this demand chain, can surprisingly win.
Chinese bottle blowing machine business mostly has small and medium enterprises, the lack of technical strength, lacking of self-development capacity. It is difficult to achieve technology-intensive mass production and meet the ever changing market demand. Chinese current bottle blowing machinery manufacturing industry was pyramid-shaped product level distribution. The bottom is a large number of low-level repeating production of products, while less high-end products. The data shows that there are nearly 1,000 professional manufacturers of blow molding machines in the country, of which more than 300 are not stable enough. Nearly 10% of the enterprises are converting or going bankrupt each year. The output value and sales of more than 100 million yuan only 10 companies, annual sales of more than 30 million yuan less than 30 companies, 75% of the industry's exports are produced by the 30 companies.